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Therapeutic Recreation

 At Bátor Tábor children are refilled with positive energies that were taken away from them by their illnesses.”

/Peti, 15-year-old camper/


Bátor Tábor is more than a simple holiday! All its programmes are meant to increase children’s confidence. Our aim is to make our campers discover their own possibilities (instead of their limits), and increase their confidence and self-esteem. This is also beneficial to their physical recovery. We, together with our volunteers, provide the opportunities, but it is the children, who make their dreams come true!




We allow them to face challenges and we encourage them to cope with these challenges in a way that is new to them, ones they previously considered to be beyond their limits. Our programs are aimed to build self-esteem and challenge the children, but they are also created with the intention of them being carefree and fun.



Every minute of every day at Bator Tabor provides learning experiences. In the happy throng, new friendships are born and children are able to cope with challenges more easily as they are encouraged by their peers.



They learn to accept challenges and to be open to new experiences and so their confidence and self-esteem grows, their self image improves, they become more sympathetic towards their peers and they learn to accept others as they are accepted. They become aware of life’s challenges and become eager to face them because of their improved outlook on life. This is the goal of the therapeutic recreation method, which we believe brings lasting change to the lives of the children we serve.



The results of our regularly conducted research back up the fact that days spent at Bátor Tábor significantly increase children’s confidence and restore their hope. The final study on our latest impact survey is available in English in the professional medical journal Health and Life Outcomes.



We pay close attention to the physical and mental safety of our children. Throughout the sessions, therapists and nurses ensure that our children receive the highest level of medical supervision in a child friendly, medically sound environment.