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2014.10.01. Alcoa Grant improves camp sustainability

Thanks to a generous grant from the Alcoa Foundation, Bátor Tábor hired 25 young people for its summer camp sessions to help develop environmental programming for campers and increase the long-term ecological sustainability of the camp.

2013.05.30. Volunteer trainings for 2013 Summer

Volunteers trainings for 2013 summer camp activities started in May

2013.01.30. Annual meeting of hospital coordinators

Our volunteer hospital contacts met to discuss 2013

2013.02.20. 1% for the Braves!

With your support our children can become real adventurers; 100% guaranteed! Compared to that what’s 1%?

2013.01.24. 23 April – 10th CEEQA, Warsaw, Poland

The most successful real estate market awards gala of Central Europe, CEEQA (Central Eastern European Quality Awards), is being organised for the 10th time now, in Lazienski Park,Warsaw.

2013.01.24. Signing up for our Summer 2013 sessions

We are already waiting for children to sign up for the Summer 2013 sessions.

2013.01.24. The charity run is launched in the Czech Republicas well!

After the successes in Hungary and Poland, the Camp of Courage starts organising its charity runner team in the Czech Republic as well.

2013.01.24. Charity Run, Warsaw, Poland

On 29 September, 10 individual marathoners ran for Bátor Tábor in the Warsaw Marathon. Prior to the run, they were selling their kilometres to their acquaintances and friends, finally raising close to 10 thousand Euros for the benefit of Bátor Tábor.

2013.01.24. Signing up for bilingual volunteers

We realise our summer sessions with the help of close to 700 volunteers every year.

2012.09.14. Rent the campsite for your company!

Bátor Tábor has been offering the campsite for corporate events, management meetings and team building programs for over 2 years now.

2012.09.05. „American Camping Association” visit

Every third year the members of the Serious Fun Children’s Network has to go through a quality assurance visit of the American Camp Association.

2012.09.24. Summer sessions in 2012

In 2012, Bátor Tábor organized 11 therapeutic recreation sessions, where it received altogether 745 campers.