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Serious Fun Children's Network

The recently passed Academy Award winning actor, Paul Newman, dreamed of opening a camp for children with serious medical conditions. More than 20 years ago, his dream became a reality and he opened first Hole in the Wall Camp in Connecticut, USA. This camp became the base of the international camp association (Serious Fun Children's Network), which includes organizations that offer therapeutic recreation camps for children with serious medical conditions all over the world.


Since 2007, Bátor Tábor has been a member of this association, which has increased to be one of the largest organizations in the world engaged in therapeutic recreation camps. The professional support of the association is one of the factors that guarantee our long-term development.


The members of the association serve children from 40 countries worldwide with nearly 150 various chronic diseases (e.g. cancer, leukaemia, AIDS, hearth diseases, diabetes, asthma, burn injuries). Altogether, the 5 camps in the United States and the camps in Ireland, England, France, Israel, Italy, and Hungary have touched the lives of more than 135, 000 children with serious illnesses through camp and outreach programs. Every camp provides these amazing opportunities free of charge to the children and their families.


Every year, more than 10,000 volunteers help the dreams of the campers come true. They allow the children to experience the joys of childhood as they regain self-confidence and restore hope for the future. Read more about Paul Newman and how his legacy lives on through the entire family of camps Members of Serious Fun Children's Network all over the world: