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Our Campsite

No wonder people say that Bátor Tábor is a hidden wonder world: it is surrounded by meadows and forests from all sides. Located 60kms north of Budapest, in town called Hatvan, a former pioneer camp was renovated in 2007. Throughout the construction, close attention was paid to design, in order that it met the standards necessary to serve children with serious medical conditions. 


A great number of supporters joined hands so that the investment of more than 2,250,000 Euro could be successfully implemented.



This map helps you to access the camp. 



Children’s cottages


In the heart of the camp there are 7 cottages shaping a circle. Each cottage welcomes 14 guests with two, five-bedrooms, a four-bedroom and a lounge. Each bedroom has a separate bathroom.



Central Building and Restaurant


In the central building at Bátor Tábor, there is a restaurant that seats160 people and also includes training halls, offices and storage rooms.. The restaurant is enclosed by glass walls on three sides, so the marvellous view is open to the lake and other areas of the camp.In the restaurant there is a kitchen, which prepares food that suits the special diet needs of the children. Our kitchen can fulfil any needs.



Medical Building


In the friendly, fairy tale-like mini-hospital, which is surrounded by colourful flowers, every medicine and equipment is available. The medical building includes two exam rooms, four rest rooms, a medicine room, a store-room and a barrier-free bathroom.



Programme venues


On the landscaped campsite, every programme has its own venue such as the horseback riding area and horse pen, a rowing lake with a small island and a pier, an archery field, high and low ropes courses, turf football pitch, indoor sports hall, “Hideout” forest pathway, a music chamber, an arts and crafts store-room and a drama chamber.