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Camp programs

At Bátor Tábor every moment is about joy, possibilities and togetherness. Throughout the camp sessions our trained cimboras and programme leaders work to provide our campers with the best experiences.  


Daytime Programmes    


Every day there are four programmes you can take part in, where you can unfold your individual skills and receive joyful community experiences. Each program lasts for 70-90 minutes with teams of 9-11 members, Cimboras are happy to get involved in the games, since they also escort you to the programmes.


We season the programmes with elements of surprise, joy and success:


Rowing: there is a lovely rowing lake on the campsite with an island in the middle. Four people are allowed to go out in a row boat at time, one of them must always be an experienced cimbora or “lake-pilot”.


Fishing: The lake is abound with fish. So good luck fishing. The successful angler can wish for something as they catch the fish and then we let the fish go back to its natural environment, the lake.


Archery: A real archery field in the forest is waiting for you here! You can learn the basic secrets of using bows and arrows, and you might also learn how to hit a moving target or a balloon. You can experience the unbelievable consonance of sync archery with your eyes closed and open.


Courage programme/High ropes course: It is the real challenge – to overcome your fear of heights! You are standing 6-8 meters high from ground and you go through various skill courses including a 9 meter-high swing  in a completely safety environment. You simply cannot miss it!


Horseback riding: You can ride special and quiet horses in this programme. And to begin, you can get to know the mascot of the camp, “Fabatka”.


Photography: We have a real photo lab, where professional photographers assist you so that you can learn some of the tricks of photography and how to make gorgeous pictures.


Arts and Crafts: Artful Cimboras and the supply of our Arts and Crafts chamber help you make marvellous masterpieces. You will be proud to take them home!


Drama: You can be anyone – your imagination and our costumes will assist you!


Music: Whether you have learned how to play music before or, if this is the first time you have held an instrument, you will surely experience how amazing it is to play music with others! Cimboras with music skills will help you in creating beautiful sounds.


Sport: we have an amazing sport facility including the turf football pitch or the indoor sport hall. You can play badminton, ping-pong, foosball, chess, etc.


Dancing: The camp dance programme creates a unity that is incomparable to anything else.  140 hands emerge simultaneously, and we clap the rhythm all at once; your hands and his / her hands clap together… Those who love dancing will have plenty of other occasions to show off their moves.



Evening Programs


After the fourth daytime programme, the activities are not over at Bátor Tábor. After dinner there comes the giant evening cavalcade and every camper is allowed to take part in the programmes. The legendary Bátor Tábor Casino and the Lakeshore Party are events we simply cannot leave out from the programme. There are new surprise programs every year. Come and see what’s new this year!