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What is a "Cimbora"?

At Bátor Tábor we call volunteers “Cimbora” or “Cimbi” which is an old Hungarian word for “Friend”. Children love this way of calling because it is nice.


Cimboras come to camp from the four corners of the Earth, and from within and beyond the Hungarian border.


There are, however, two things they all have in common:

-          they are over the age of 20

-          they speak Hungarian


Cimboras are trained volunteers who supervise children during the camp sessions. This is not a mere profession. Cimboras make camp what it is: they help children to reach beyond their assumed limits. They make little steps ahead in every field!  


Among Cimboras there are Program Cimboras who are responsible for organizing and conducting daytime programmes, and in the evening, they carry children to the Land of Oz, to Hawaii or to the space in funny costumes. 


There are Cabin Cimboras who arrange the day to day activities and responsibilities at the cabin. They are together with the given group of children all day long, they escort them to the programmes, they play with them, talk to them and above all, they enthuse them.    


Besides the Cimboras, there are doctors, nurses and - depending on the session - interpreters, chaperones, nutritionists or physiotherapist.      


Looking at it from a child’s perspective this whole thing is a bit different and funnier:  


„There are the Cabin Cimboras and there are the Wild ones…” (Eve, 13)