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Promoting a Volunteer Culture

In 2008, volunteers from various companies dedicated nearly 120 days to help us make the campsite look nicer. They decorated the programmes with their artistic talents, they landscaped around the grounds, and helped sew costumes for the children to play with during drama. 


We are grateful for the contribution of companies and organisations that offer paid days off for their employees while they are doing volunteer work at the campsite.  We are grateful for hospitals for ensuring fully or partially paid days off for their employees so that they can ensure the safety of the campers as medical volunteers. 


They support not only the recreational therapy of children but also Volunteer Culture.  


Volunteerism in Hungary


“There is the desire in every teenager and young person to change the world and to do it DIFFERENTLY. This is something we should find in ourselves again!


All you need is courage…

And a place where you can go…

Volunteerism is an opportunity for the individuals, for the NGOs and for the society.”  


Bátor Tábor Foundation is one of Hungary’s biggest organizations that receive volunteers. Our programmes are run with the help of 420 volunteers every year. We are grateful for our volunteers, for being the part and the creator of Bátor Tábor and the great experiences given to the children!    


We think that it is important to support Volunteer Culture in Hungary, and to call the public’s attention to the social importance of volunteerism. We consider it a social resource that expects relatively small investment from the individual and that develops society and the individual in parallel.







This is what Bátor Tábor provides its volunteers with. We ensure a full training system for our volunteers; we help their community events and we organize awareness raising campaigns for making volunteerism more popular. 


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