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Our Training System

Bátor Tábor Foundation puts great emphasis on providing proper training for Cimboras so that they are prepared to confidently fulfil the requirements of their tasks while backing up the campers on a high level. The volunteers of the international session may receive additional training specific to the high ropes course as well as the general training all Playing Cimboras receive before camp.


Every volunteer who was selected to be a summer team member takes part in a training/preparation course of two sessions.


The first session, which is two and a half days long, is held in May. Because of the sunny weather and atmosphere it is called Napos (“Sunny”). The second session is held immediately before camp begins. It is the Preparation session and it lasts for one and a half days.


On Napos Session, volunteers learn how to coordinate a programme as well as learn a lot of new games and participate on problem-solving and communication trainings.


In the course of Preparation, volunteers learn a lot about the medical and psychological features of the illnesses of the children participating in that given session, in order that they can understand the children’s situation and the way they should be treated. They discover the problems of those children whom they will be responsible for, and receive a great amount of practical information in regards to the operation of the camp and about their own tasks. 



Multicultural Environment - The specific training system of the international sessions


The only thing that differentiates the international session from other Bátor Tábor summer camps, is that children arrive from three different countries, and they usually do not speak Hungarian. This means both challenge and fun for the volunteers.


Beside the trainings listed above, volunteers of the international sessions may receive training contribution. This is an optional opportunity to further improve their skills with children in a field they choose. 



Long-term development 


Every year, a great number of volunteers return to camp in order to become the part and the creator of Bátor Tábor and the camp experiences. For them, Bátor Tábor Foundation offers a continuously increasing number of high-level trainings. In 2009, the following courses were provided to our cimboras Houseleader Cimbora training, Medium-Level Leader training, Higher-level training for High ropes course program leaders.