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Cimbora Quotes

Bátor Tábor extends your limits, both physically and mentally. After a hard day, a few hours of sleep is enough for doing your job the next day with the same amount of enthusiasm. Obviously, all the other Cimboras have important roles in that area I have learned many things about myself, things, which I had not even thought of. The ten days I have spent in Hatvan became a self-awareness journey. (Máté Nándorfi) 





I got a serious lesson about how this generation considers and deals with illness. I have learned to take such things naturally. It is not right that we normally do not learn that children with illnesses are practically average children. They live and read every kind of magazine about current bands as we did once. I think, now, I am more equipped for refusing regret, which they certainly refuse too. Let’s go to arts and crafts and archery instead! I am not talking about sheer acceptance, this is more than that. (Szabina Ughy)



There were tears and embraces as we said goodbye and they were asking me as they were crying: “you”ll come next yearwon’t yoouuuuuuuu?!” And I do not know if it is the illness, or they still have something when they are only 11 with which they can embrace you so purely and from heart-to-heart. (P. M.)



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