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Why support Bátor Tábor?

Bátor Tábor Foundation is a public benefit organization. It makes sure that children and their families participate in all programs offered by camp free of charge. The program operates on an  annual budget of over 1 million EUR, which is raised exclusively through voluntary donations.


Our objective is to make these very adventures available to as many children as possible, each and every year. Bator Tabor strives to become the therapeutic recreation centre of Central European children living with chronic deseases. Your support can help us in achieving this goal.


Besides our exemplary corporate partners and exceptionally successful charity events, our operations strongly rely on private donations. Learn more about our support programs! Select the one you like the most! Become part of the Bátor Tábor miracle with your donation!


Besides monetary donations you can help us by way of in-kind donations or service donations. All of these contributions help us achieve our goals and allow us to fulfil our mission.


The Annual Financial Report of Bátor Tábor Foundation is audited every year by Deloitte, one of the biggest independent auditing companies in the world. Thus our supporters can be sure that every incoming cent has been being spent on the camps programmes for children with illnesses.