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In Hungary you can offer 1% of your income tax for the recovery of seriously ill children


Hungary was the first to introduce the system that allows tax payers to offer 1% of their income tax to a civil organisation of their choice.Although the system has been in place since 1996, many waste this opportunity to give.  Most expats paying their income tax in Hungary aren’t even aware of this possibility.

Use this opportunity to support Bátor Tábor Alapítvány (Camp of Courage Foundation) that offers free thrapeutic camp programmes for seriously ill children! You can offer 1% of your income tax for charity until May 20th 2014.

Tax number of Bátor Tábor Foundation:


Download this  1% declaration form which already contains the official data of Bátor Tábor Foundation. You will need to submit it with your tax returns form.

If you need more information about the 1% donation system, contact your accountant or a colleague at the payroll, or send an email to info@batortabor.hu.

Bátor Tábor (literally, Camp of Courage) was established in 2001, and offers complex therapeutic recreation programs for children with cancer, diabetes, JRA or haemophilia and for their families. In the summer Children’s Camps, in the spring and fall Family Camps and Sibling Camps are offered free of charge to the campers.
Every year, there are more than 1000 campers in our sessions who can participate in programs that they otherwise might miss out on due to their illnesses. Be it rowing, horseback-riding, archery, arts & crafts, dancing, music, sports, acting or high-ropes courses, all programs are meant to provide a feeling of success, which positively influences their self-esteem and recovery process. In the past 13 years, due to the cooperation of the hospitals, over 6000 campers came to camp.

More information about Bátor Tábor Foundation: http://www.batortabor.com/




What is the 1% law?
The 1% Law was introduced in Hungary in 1996. Each year, this law enables the 3.5 million taxpayers to request the tax authorities to transfer 1% of their previous year’s paid income tax to help the organisation of their choice without any loss to their income. Beside making a declaration on a simple declaration form, the taxpayer has no other duties - neither tax reckoning nor  transferring money - to do.

What shall I do if I want to give my 1% to Bátor Tábor?
Download this  1% declaration form which already contains the official data of Bátor Tábor Foundation. (Tax number: 18107913-1-41) Contact your accountant or a colleague at the payroll. Ask for their help!

We would appreciate if You call the attention of other foreign people living and working in Hungary to this opportunity!

The easiest way is to contact your accountant with this declaration and ask for help. But if You would like to do it by yourself, the next guide will explain you in detail what you need to do if you want Bátor Tábor to get your 1%.  

Who is allowed to transfer 1% of paid personal income tax?
Private persons obliged to pay tax after assessable income; those who pay their income tax in full to NAV (Office of Tax and Financial Supervision); or those permitted by NAV to delay payment of tax instalments.

What should a taxpayer intending to use the 1% possibility do?
a., If you are a taxpayer who does his/her own tax return, you should make a declaration form attached to the tax return package sent to the Tax Office, or on the tax return sheet itself. The declaration deadline is 20 May 2014.
b., If your tax return is submitted as your employer's reckoning, you make a declaration in a letter addressed to the Tax Office and given to your employer – the declaration deadline is 10 May 2014.
c., If you are an individual entrepreneur (i.e. you do your own your own tax return), you should make a declaration in a letter attached to your tax return package sent to the Tax Office – the declaration deadline is 25 February 2014.
In all above cases you are allowed to send your declaration in a separate letter addressed directly to  the tax office or upload it online with your tax return form until the final declaration deadline this year, which is 20 May 2014.

How shall I send my contribution?
The declaration should be enclosed in a regular postage envelope or uploaded to your on-line tax return form. The declaration form should be on a sheet of paper the size of the envelope (forms are not required). Your personal data - name, address (not compulsory), tax-identity number - should be written on the envelope. If you are not submitting the envelope personally, you should sign the envelope across the sealed flap.

Unfortunately, in Hungary only every fourth people support the non-profit organization with their 1% even though the avarage amount is about 20 Euro. And it does not cost you a penny. Please, recommend this opportunity to your foreign friends and acqaintances living in Hungary know about this.

Thank You for your support!