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Corporate Donations

 In past years, Bátor Tábor Foundation has developed successful partnerships with Central European corporations.


Our corporate partners support Bátor Tábor not only with financial contributions but also by offering us professional guidance and support as well as by mobilizing their greater corporate community. Over the course of these partnerships we often experience that companies support us as real communities. We greatly appreciate their help.


We intend to provide our supporters with CSR solutions that on one hand fit into their general support strategy and on the other hand create mutually beneficial win-win situations. If you want to know how your company could contribute to the experiences of children coming to the Bátor Tábor, contact Ms Katalin Tóth at  k.toth@batortabor.hu.



We are well aware that the only way to sustain the trust of the business sector is to act as they do and thus make the operation of Bátor Tábor calculable and transparent. Read how the representatives of our prominent supporters think about their cooperation with Bátor Tábor:     



György Leitner, GlaxoSmithKline Ltd., CEO


„At GSK some basic values are considered to be important. One of them is care. As a company involved in health services, it is of prime importance for us to let not only the wider public, but also our employees know about our commitment to care. One of our most important partners is Bátor Tábor with whom we are right in the middle of a 3-year-long project. The relationship is only partially financial. I consider it more important that our colleagues individually take part in the common work. For this I am very happy that a few good employees of ours work at the camp sessions as volunteers and that we organize common Volunteer Days.”




Miklós Zsoldos, UNION Insurance Company, Chairman - CEO


„I believe that people, like ourselves, living in healthy and financially stable life, we owe all those people who are not as lucky as we are. For example, I think of children living with serious illnesses that prevent them from living a full life. Even though they want to have and indeed have the right to childhood that involves carefree joy and supportive and strengthening community experiences. Be it financial support, fundraising, insurance, charity or voluntary work, we are all there to help and support children in various ways so that they are spiritually healed in Bátor Tábor.      






Kinga Tihanyi, Deloitte Zrt., Marketing – and Business Development Manager


"Teamwork, cooperation, dependency – these are values that we appreciate in our everyday business environment. Bátor Tábor added a totally different dimension to these values so we could experience them first hand. The renovation of the campsite in Hatvan is an unforgettable memory for the whole team and brought us even closer to one another. We hope that for children, who strive for recovery, summer and winter holidays will be even more memorable."         



Günter Geyer, Wiener Städtische Versicherungsverein, Chairman of the Managing Board



Wiener Städtische Versicherungsverein, is the main shareholder of Vienna Insurance Group and provides support for the Group’s cultural and social activities, with a focus on enhancing cross-border cultural exchange. We initiate and engage in social programs and projects dedicated to those who are less fortunate in life and to those who will be our future – our children. The success of our Group is built by and on people. Our sponsorship activities should help to create a better future and a creative and innovative climate. One noteworthy project among many others is Bátor Tábor Foundation in Hungary, which meets exactly the criteria for our social ambitions. We want to thank the organisers/team of Bátor Tábor Foundation for their professional project realisation.





Mark Bownas, Deputy Senior Partner, KPMG in Hungary


"KPMG has been a supporter of Bator Tabor for a number of years and were pleased to be able to significantly increase our level of support during 2009. Although our involvement is currently primarily of a financial nature - important during this economic climate - we are also exploring ways of becoming more involved on the volunteer side. We strongly support the goal of Bator Tabor of making a difference to the lives of sick children and their families. We appreciate the professionalism of the organisation and the high quality of the activities and the care that is offered to those who have the opportunity to participate in the camps." 





István Kónya, representative of the Velux Foundations in Hungary 


The VELUX Foundations are private foundations that support non-profit projects on an international level. The foundations gain their ability to support projects from the revenues of the VKR Group companies based in over 40 countries around the world. The funding philosophy of VELUX Foundations is determined by its commitment to the continuous improvement of life quality and corporate social responsibility. In case of Hungary special emphasis is given to projects that involve socially disadvantaged children and youth. The mission of Bátor Tábor Foundation addresses specifically this target group. Bátor Tábor runs its programmes professionally and uses its funds efficiently. This is why we chose them as grantees so that through our partnership we can help improve the quality of life of chronically ill children and their families.




Tomas Spurny, CEO of CIB Bank


Bátor Tábor, an initiative that has been achieving increasing success for years, is near and dear to me for more than one reason.  In addition to the fact that the camp can be set as an example for the successful co-operation between the civil and business spheres, it embodies key values: solidarity, co-operation and assuming responsibility. Its unparalleled, high quality program brings a significant and perceptible change for the children recovering here and their families. Supporting those living with serious health problems, or those who are at disadvantage for any reason whatsoever is also important for me personally . CIB Group wishes to continue sponsoring initiatives in the future that simultaneously represent outstanding social values, bring a perceptible change for those affected, and with which my colleagues can fully identify as well. Bátor Tábor is such an initiative.