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Charity Events

A significant part of the foundation’s revenues come from auctions, gala dinners and other charity events. We are proud that the name “Bátor Tábor” has become the trademark of high-quality charity events. Bátor Tábor Contemporary Art Auction, KPMG  – Bátor Tábor Charity Golf Tournament, Bátor Tábor Charity Theatre Season Ticket Sale, Bátor Tábor Charity Watch Auction – these programmes have become some of the most successful events of the national fundraising sphere.


These annual events have brought people together and strengthened communities that have been actively involved in the support of the children served at Bator Tábor for years.

Besides our own charity events, Bator Tabor has been the charity partner of some prestigious initiatives such as the Tennis Classics tennis tournament, the Cow Parade or the Art Fair Budapest. We have ample experience in being the communications partner of such events.  We welcome any new and innovative opportunities for teaming up to help the children.


If you would like to take part in a Bátor Tábor charity programme in your country, or you have an event which could be a good platform for supporting our mission, please contact Ms Mónika Joó at m.joo@batortabor.hu