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Bátor Tábor High Ropes Course and Conference Centre



A 30-minute drive from Budapest near the town of Hatvan, you can find one of Hungary’s most extraordinary event centers, Bátor Tábor. The complex was built in 2007, and it welcomes its guest with a great variety of corporate trainings.


Bátor Tábor is a modern and friendly place that makes colorful programmes come to life. This is where one of Hungary’s most modern high-ropes course is to be found, along with archery, horseback-riding, rowing and other sport facilities. Our buildings, with their playful architecture and their friendly design are suitable venues for indoor programmes.  




The sleeping cottages and the restaurant are in the central part of the campground so they are only a few minutes from any programme venue.



Our restaurant can seat up to 200 guests at a time, moreover, our spacious lakeshore meadow is a perfect place for outdoor barbeques. 

The kitchen of Bátor Tábor can easily fulfill any kind of extra needs. Guests can choose to have a buffet or a sit-down meal. 






There are 7 apartments forming a circle, totaling 20 rooms and 98 beds. The sleeping cottages are perfectly equipped, there is a barrier-free bathroom to each bedroom, and a joint hall in every cottage.







Team developmental games for adults


The high ropes course features more than 20 different game elements and each of them is designed to focus on team collaboration, cooperation, trust, efficient communication and self-knowledge.  High ropes courses are one of the most efficient forms of our-door programmes. It is surprising how a few poles, a few hundred meters of rope or wire, and a couple of carabineers could significantly influence team operation. 


Programmes are held on an unusual height making people face real challenges, experience real adventures, and recognize their own abilities and limits. While performing the playful activities people can rely on themselves and on their teammates only, so empathy, problem-solving and communication skills get serious emphases. Thus concepts like individual, team and common goals gain new sense.  Be it a half-day programme, or a two-day training, our professional trainers tailor the programmes to your own objectives.  Our well-prepared trainers ensure the safety of our guests in every minute.



This high ropes course is the only one in Hungary which can be used by people with wheelchair. Together, with our additional outdoor programmes we can provide challenging and entertaining programmes for up to 100 guests.  


If you are thinking about having an event or hosting a retreat and need additional information, please, contact us at taborhely@batortabor.hu so that we can start designing a programme that best fits your needs.


You will be happy to know that all of the revenue that comes in from corporate trainings is spent directly on the camp programmes for the children we serve.